Welcome to Techish: A blog on the issues presented by technology

Posted by David Hamilton

Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic. – Arthur C. Clarke

Allow me to extrapolate from Clarke’s brilliant quote to say that while today’s technologies would be thought magic to those of a previous age: technology isn’t magic; technology is us.

The progression of technology is a reflection of society in flux. It presents the hope to make things better, but also the desire to tame and constrain the threatening and exploitable.

The frontiers of scientific open up previously known possibilities and pave the way for technologies that have enormous impact on our lives. It’s our obligation to see through the veneer of these technologies and question why we create them, what purposes they serve and how they affect us individually and as a society.

This is where Techish comes into play. This blog looks at technologies and asks: “What’s the ish?” This simple premise will hopefully enable us to be better equipped to think about and deal with technologies as they become unavoidable in our lives.

Like any introductory post of this kind, this post holds a lofty promise and is thin on details but if you’re reading it, I hope you believe in my vision as I work really hard to serve it.